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“Taxi Stoltenberg” was launched this week.

It is important for the Norwegian Labour Party and for Jens Stoltenberg to listen to people and hear their concerns. We do that when we meet people face to face, when we go door-knocking, through social media and now through Taxi Stoltenberg.

If there is one place people will tell you what they really mean about any issue, it is in a taxi.

We have received some questions about how the film was made, so I’ll try and give some answers here. Please feel free to ask me questions in the comments section, or give me your opinion on Taxi Stoltenberg.

The film is a cooperation project between the Labour Party and TRY Advertising.

Will there be more?

Yes! We have launched where you can watch the long version of the film, as well as some shorter clips. On the site we also present Labour Party policies, and invite people to join discussions with some of our top politicians, including the Prime Minister.

Are the passengers real?

As I was quoted in the Norwegian newspaper VG last Sunday: “Most of the passengers were picked up totally at random. A few had been asked to wait at a location to be picked up by a taxi, but none of the passengers knew that the Prime Minister would be driving”.

According to the production company nine passengers were picked up at random, while five were recruited in advance by “street casting”. That means that they were stopped randomly in the street and asked if they would participate in a film for the Labour Party.

The only thing they were told was that they would be picked up by a taxi. None of the passenger knew in advance that the driver would be the Prime Minister of Norway. All reactions were genuine.

The production company used this procedure to ensure that some passengers would have the time and be available to participate.

After they had been filmed, all passengers were asked if they agreed that the clip they participated in could be used by the Labour party. They all agreed. The passengers who were “street casted” received NOK 500 (approx 60 Euros) as a thank you. The passengers who were picked up at random got the taxi ride for free.

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